Guided Rome tours

A stay in Rome is more than a trip, it is a necessary experience.

Because of an annoying haughtiness, we, Romans, carry, willy-nilly, and without any merit, on our shoulders, we often wonder, how anyone can live without ever having seen Rome ….

No place in the world retains such a concentration of history and beauty, an endless catalog of works of art and archaeological sites of extraordinary historical value, all in a large area not more than 14 square kilometers.

Countless occasions daily visits, excursions, walks in the city, where mankind has often given the best, dealing daily with the divine that nowhere is so human, as in Rome;

Impossible to mention all the opportunities that Rome and its surroundings offer, but we love to remember, beyond the frescoes of Michelangelo or the amphitheater of the gladiators: the extraordinary availability of parks and historic villas that make Rome the capital greenest of Europe; an excellent culinary quality based on an old tradition, the opportunity to enjoy of beaches and sea clubs at only half an hour from the center, Rome is actually the largest coastal municipality of Europe.

Dearoma offers different opportunities for private tours in and out of the city, with various vehicles and our local guides, that, like our beatiful clients, can’t wait to enjoy, together, this ancient beauty.

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