Roma and our Olimpyc Dream

On Sept 11st 2017, will be the official designation of the host city of the Olympic Games of 2024. Already for the 2020 Rome had made such a proposal, then withdrawn by government, which considered inopportune investments to renew the necessary facilities, because of the economic situation. Now we try again, running with Budapest, Los Angeles, Paris. Competitors or, better, […]

Templum Pacis anastylosis

The recent event of the Vespasian Temple of the Peace anastylosis renewed the dialogue of the classical Romans heritages lovers: More than relaxing conversations are real polemics, again, about, the old controversy of the archeological patrimony preservation. Seven columns of the western Portico of the Temple of Peace  soar again in the shining winter sky of […]

Dawn of Rome Tour 2016

Tired of living chaotical and crowded days while you’re in your deserved holiday. Looking for something really special for your stay in Rome? You want to hear, really the sound of the hundreds fountains? That’s why Dearoma Tours issues the first Tour of the Dawn of Rome for the incoming 2016 season. Be brave enough and […]