Rome and the Jubilee of mercy

The last 8th of December, Pope Francis opened the extraordnary Jubilee of Mercy. During the upcoming  2016, Rome will show an image of itself that the wind of history makes so attractive in the eyes of those who, for the first time, walks along its streets.

Since the far 1300, the first one of Pope Bonifacio VIII to John Paul II, trough the different celebration, countless events have paved the path to the Eternal City to a modernity that is that just because originated from a past full of meanings.

Today Rome is what popes as Nicholas V, Sixtus IV, Julius II and Urban VII wanted to become architecturally and urbanistically; the city that welcomes, has always have been, in a hug that never disappoints.

Signs of history are everywhere, in the narrow streets of the ancient Suburra, trough the ruins of the Palatine hill, in the vastness of the squares, in the warm twilight of baroque churches, including golden stuccoes and statues that seem to interrogate the visitor to investigate their thoughts.

Where else in the world, a city can boast such an appeal? Why, for centuries people travel distances, sometimes huge, to reach Rome and to enjoy the astonishment that it causes? Why Rome has in it the perfect synthesis of civil, cultural, spiritual man reached over the centuries.

Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at St. Peter’s for this special Jubilee and so reconfirmed the function of Rome as the center of Christianity in the world, a center of mercy that can offer humanity the example of the right care for the weakest, in a millenarian vision of universal beauty.

Dearoma is ready to welcome friends from all over the world, not to miss the opportunity to explore the Eternal City on foot, by bike, Vespa or Calessino, during this year definitely special.

Bonifacio VIII indice il primo Giubileo

Bonifacio VIII issues the fist Jubileum on the 1300 AD

Pellegrini a Roma nel 1300

Pilgrims in Rome on the 1300 AD

Medaglia commemorativa del Giubileo del 1650 di Innocenzo X Pamphilj

Memorial Medal for the Jubileum of the 1650 under the Pope Innocenzo X Pamphilj